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Deb Kirkpatrick

Deborah Kirkpatrick, BTh, BA, MDiv has been a CASC certified chaplain at the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton for the last 25 years. She has provided a warm-hearted safe space for others to discover and process their deepest journeys, finding resilience and acceptance of what is. In 2010, she discovered the expressive arts as a means of inquiry, spiritual discernment, and healing . In 2014 she received her Level Two Certification as a Consultant/Educator from the Prairie Institute of the Expressive Arts in Therapy in Calgary, and has developed what she calls “an expressive-arts based spiritual care practice”. She is now delighted to be moving beyond the hospital, sharing and developing workshops for the community!

Along with contemplative hiking, you might also find Deb facilitating labyrinth walks, or Integrative Drum Circles. You might even catch her dancing.